Visitor experience and wayfinding: is an integral part of any physical environment, enhancing the visitor experience and making it easier for people to move around.


Enhancing the visitor experience

Wayfinding can create more meaningful connections to a site, enhancing the visitor experience and making it easier for people to move around.
Through analysis and observation, we identify key elements of a site’s identity that can be used to craft visually engaging stories that capture the essence of a place, encouraging exploration and discovery.
Relevant projects
Environmental Graphics
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Koombana Parkland

PLAN E Landscape Architects
With a design intent of the parkland as a collection of linked physical and visual elements depicting the rich natural and cultural heritage of the site.
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REad More

Wayfinding - Permanent Galleries

National Museum of Australia
The NMA has undergone significant changes within the galleries over the last few years, so this was an opportunity to update the current wayfinding to help visitors navigate the permanent galleries within the museum.
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REad More

Museum Visitor Map

National Museum of Australia
The National Museum of Australia engaged Artikel Design to assist in developing an updated visitor map concept, simplifying the complex architecture to increase usability.

How we work

Artikel Design is committed to providing the best possible service to its clients. Maintaining transparent communication throughout the project lifecycle, collaborating closely with the project team and stakeholders to create a supportive and delivery-focused environment.

With extensive experience in creating and delivering designs that align with existing design guidelines, Nick Williams values the importance of consistent visual design language to ensure a seamless user experience. Nick's practical and delivery-focused approach to design ensures that he delivers results that meet or exceed our clients' expectations.
Phase 1

Project briefing

Project briefing is to assist in defining the creative brief and the overall theme and vision for the space, hear from key stakeholders and gain an understanding of the ways of working and what success looks like for the project.
Phase 2

Concept Design

Based on the individual project demands and deliverables, Artikel will work closely with the project team and the wider stakeholder group to develop concept design packages that explore and communicate effectively the design intent for the project.
Phase 3

Design Development

Artikel will work closely with the project team to refine and translate the selected concept/s into detailed design outputs, refining materials, content and visual elements, ensuring a cost effective scalable solution is achieved.
Phase 4

Final Development

Artikel will work closely with the project team to finalise the required artwork and prepare the packaged files and documentation, collaborating with the selected production house/s to ensure the final product not only meets, but exceeds expectations.

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