Great Southern Land

Discover the powerful natural and cultural forces that create and shape life in Australia, trace its seasonal rhythms and connections and explore its incredible diversity.
National Museum of Australia
12 Months
Exhibition Design
Cultural Institution

The National Museum of Australia engaged Artikel Design to take on the design development and finalisation phases of the 2D graphics of its new permanent exhibition 'Great Southern Land'. With the concept design and earlier design phases completed by the international design firm Local Projects.

Nick worked closely with the NMA project development and curatorial teams to take the various elements from concept through to completion and production.

Nick collaborated closely with Yuwaalaraay Designer Lucy Simpson on the intricate linework that weaves through the media bands, linking the five themes of Bunya, Power, Connection, Life and Change throughout the exhibition. The pair collaborated to ensure the linework was balanced and not overshadowed by the other visual elements within the design.

Nick assisted the NMA Curatorial team in visualising the themed media band's captions, images and layouts featured on the Corian ribbons, and curved fans that run through the exhibition.

In the later stages, Nick was also engaged to collaborate with the NMA Project Team on other aspects of the exhibition space, such as entry statements, story text and chapter text featured on various substrates throughout the exhibition working closely with the team of suppliers in the transition from design phases into final production.

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